C major scale and harmonizing.

Below you have the tones in the C major scale. The deepest tone in this tuning is D so we start with that (normally the scale goes from C to C). The upper raw shows how the tone looks in note righting and above the note stands the name of the note. The lower raw shows your fret board as you see it (TAB), = stands for that you should play a "open" string, 1 stands for that you should press down at the first fret on that string that shows a.s.o..

The first bars from the beginning shows tone D = "open" 3:d string, E = 2:d fret on the 3:d string, F = 3:d fret on the 3:d string and G = 1:st fret on the 2:d string a.s.o....

Note scale

Harmonizing the C scale

In C major scale there is 3 base accords C = tonica, F = subdominant and G7 = dominant.

On top of the diagram you have the name of the accord, the dots shows witch string and fret you should press down, if it shows 0 it means that it is a "open" string. The numbers that are at the bottom shows witch finger you should use, 1 = index finger ( pointing finger in Swedish!) 2 =  middle finger, 3 = ring finger and 4 = little finger.

Below you se parts of the C major scale, on the top of the note you see name of the accord you should play together with the note. Exercise: try to play the tones in the note scale then play the accords in the harmonizing together with the note. Listen here. The midi file plays first the note scale then the Harmonizing so put your browser so you can see both scales on the same screen.