Tab templates

If you are not fluid in writing and/or understanding music notes you can always use tabs to tell other people how your tunes goes.  The bad thing with this type of tabs are that there is hard to tell the length of the note . ( there is computer software that can do so, but it cost you some money ) I can show you two ways to create your own  tabs. One way to do it is to use the software Word or similar software and insert a  table with three rows and four columns like this .

Now we see a tab that show four bars and four lines that represent the strings. The upper line is string number one on your ukulele.

This is a  A major chord showed, bar no 1:  2320 shows the position on the ukulele i.e.  the upper no 2 stands for the 2:d fret first string. 3  stands for the 3:d fret string no 2. 2 stands for 2:d fret on the 3:d string and 0 for loose 4:th string. This tab is shown the same way as you looking at your own ukulele neck.


The other way to make tabs are the standing format like in chord analysis. The first string is to the right and it is the A major chord that are showed.

In Word or similar software you insert a table with five rows and three columns and then you get your first tab. To get the dots you have to use a Paint Shop Pro or similar software. If you are smart you right click on the empty tab and use save picture as and then you have a empty tab to start building your own chords with.