Ukulele school foreword

After a work shop with James Hill I got so inspired that I have decide my selves - I have to learn how to play notes on my ukulele. I don't have any book to read so - I have to do one my selves ( I'm lucky to have daughters that are fluent in music if I got stuck). I hope that you also join me and try to learn how to play notes on the ukulele. The school will be built up as soon as I learn my selves. We start with basic things and after a while it will be more advanced.

Due to the fact that I don't have any experience in writing notes and making ukulele schools there can be some errors made. If you found any please contact me.

This school is written in the tuning High A, D, F# and B which means that the lowest tone are loose 3:d string, a D. All scales will starts at the lowest tone on the ukulele.

There will be MIDI files so you can hear all exercises, the quality of the sound depends on your sound card.

You are not allowed to use the ukulele school for commercial use without permission.

Good luck and don't forget to practice minimum 10 minutes every day. "Uke on"