Chords in different positions. D tuned ukulele.

The same chord could be played in different positions. Sometimes a chord sounds better and is easier to play than the first position you have learned. I will show you the easiest variations on the same chord.
  Number 7 shows that the chord starts from the seventh fret. The line between the upper tones shows that all tones should be taken with one finger (barré), in this case with our index finger.


A, A6, A7, Am, Am6, Am7 A#/Bb, 6, 7, A#m/Bbm, 6, 7  
B, B6, B7, Bm, Bm6, Bm7 C#/Db, 6, 7, C#m/Dbm, 6, 7  
C, C6, C7, Cm, Cm6, Cm7 D#/Eb, 6, 7, D#m/Ebm, 6 , 7  
D, D6, D7, Dm. Dm6, Dm7 F#/Gb, 6, 7, F#m/Gbm, 6, 7  
E, E6, E7, Em, Em6, Em7 G#/Ab, 6, 7, G#m/Abm, 6, 7  
F, F6, F7, Fm, Fm6, Fm7    
Maj7 all keys mMaj7 all keys  
9 all keys 11 all keys  
13 all keys + (aug) all keys  
+7 all keys Dim all keys  
Sus2 all keys Sus4 all keys  
7sus2 all keys